The Evidence
by Peg Keeley

Part 9

"But the officer said…" she whispered, it was slowly dawning on her that the police were not the good guys in this event.

DeWitt's large black Cadillac finally arrived almost simultaneously with two more squad cars. "Sergie," he murmured with contempt. He thought of Sergie as a hired thug; as a law enforcer he was a laugh.

Sergie realized he was still holding his gun. "I tailed them, just like Zito said to. She was aiding and abetting a fugitive. They ran - so I stopped them." He handed over the envelope. "You want this?"

DeWitt's gaze stopped for a moment on the coveted information. He also noticed the bloodstains and hole. How many people have shed blood for this? He walked casually over and squatted down next to Danny. "Didn't make a very effective bullet-proof-vest, did it?" He attempted to sound friendly. He inspected Danny's side wound, then glanced back at Sergie. "Did you call for paramedics?"

He shook his head.

"Moron." DeWitt turned back to Danny. "Sorry, Williams, I took Reggie into my confidence. Bad mistake. I thank you and Quinn for setting this business straight." He looked at Carrie, still shivering behind the steering wheel. "I'm sorry about all this, Ms. Donagon. It must have been a living nightmare for you." He forced a smile "Maybe a Pulitzer prize winner in it?" He turned to a police officer. "Arrest this ass." He pointed at Sergie who started to protest.

"Charges?" the officer asked.

DeWitt winced. "Poor impersonation of a office officer." He turned back to Danny. "Williams, let's get you to my car. I'll get you to the hospital myself and get you patched up. Can you walk?"

"Yes," he declared, but he could not. The left leg would bare no weight and DeWitt himself helped Danny into the back of the Caddie.

Carrie slid in beside him, heaving a sigh of relief. She had felt comforted by Jackson's gentleness. He knew Zito was crooked; he is arresting that madman who would have killed us. The nightmare is finally ending. It was already hard to recall that moments before Sergie, who was now being handcuffed had been ready to kill them. Trying to make things seem more normal she remarked. "I told you to get that stupid pin out four weeks ago. Now they're probably going to cast it all over again."

Danny decided not to reply.

"I swear you'll give me a heart attack someday," she complained. "I suppose you're going to use this to postpone the wedding again, huh?"

"Heart attack?" he commented, glancing through the back window at Jackson who was talking to the uniformed officers. "Sounds fatal."

"Stop patronizing me," Carrie grumbled.

"Carrie," he said softly, still keeping an eye on DeWitt, "we are not out of this yet."

"What are you talking about?" she asked in sudden fear.

"DeWitt is as dirty at Zito. We've gone from the frying pan into the fire."

Her mouth hung open in shock.

"They've got what they want now. Our only hope is to create a diversion."


Kono arrived at the trailer home of Gary and Mandy Newman so tired he thought he could sleep on his feet. He'd heard calls for Gary and himself over the radio numerous times and ignored them. He knew Carrie had not reported to work, that Danny was still missing. He could only hope they had found each other. In the yard by the trailer, the children were playing kick ball inside the chain link fence.

"Uncle Kono!" the oldest, Karli, ran towards him, her dark curls flying. The children saw their uncle was their favorite playmate and were thrilled at his unexpected appearance in the middle of the day.

Mandy came the door of the trailer, baby on her shoulder and fear on her face. "Kono, where have you been! Where is Gary! Five-0 and HPD keep calling and calling. Loui has been here twice. That man is frightened - where is Gary? Is he all right?" She paused for breath. "What is happening?"

He took her by the elbow and stepped into the trailer. "I can't begin to explain it all, but I promised Gary and I would assure you that he is all right. I don't know when he will be home, but he is safe."

"He is in trouble, isn't he?"

Kono knew that Mandy deserved the truth and that nothing would ever force her to reveal it. "He's on the north shore hiding Lonnie Williams."

"Lonnie! The radio says -"

"Damn the radio," he blurted. "I don't know what is truth and what is not. I do know that Danny did not shoot Steve and the last time I saw Steve he was alive. I'm pretty sure that Lonnie can tell us a lot and that is why they want him."


"Mandy, I have told you all I can. Gary is safe."

"Danny, are you sure about this?" Carrie whispered intently. "What if you are wrong?"

"I'm not," he said firmly. "Ask Jackson about Steve."

"Danny, I told you Steve is dead."

"Is he? Why, cause Zito said so? Did you see the body?" Danny demanded stubbornly.

"No, but - Danny, you are not just not wanting to accept reality."

"Reality?" He rubbed his tired eyes. "Does anyone know what reality is right now?"

Jackson was approaching. He opened the driver's door and got in. "Well now. Sorry to keep you waiting. I am going to get the full story from Sergie on everything he knows about Reggie's activities. That little worm is so scared he'd rat on his own mother." DeWitt placed the manila envelope on the seat beside him. "I can't believe how Quinn mishandled this. If he'd just come to me - that's the problem you have nowadays. Hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys." He started the engine and swung the car into the lane and away from the scene.

"How's Steve?" Carrie asked, maintaining her poise.

DeWitt glanced back at her in the rearview mirror. "You reported his death yourself, Ms. Donagon. Why are you asking?"

"Well, yes," she stumbled over her words. "it's just that…I was hoping…" She fired a glance at Danny.

"Officer Kalakaua tried valiantly to revive him as did the emergency personnel but he died on the way to the hospital - that is a painful fact. I am sorry if you had hoped otherwise." Silence closed over the car for a moment. "Hum, Williams, where is your son?"

Danny stared at him in the mirror, his expression betraying he did not know. "I, um, left him at the ranch," he murmured, attempting a recovery.

"Hum. I guess I'll send another patrol out that way. They said they did a search but - well you know how kids are," DeWitt chatted on, "they can stay hid if they want to."

Danny noticed they had missed the exit to town. We will never leave this car alive. I don't know what DeWitt has in mind, but it won't be good for us. Here goes nothing. Heaving a quick breath, he suddenly gripped his left arm and gave a yell.

Carrie jumped.

DeWitt spun in surprise. "What's happening!"

Danny grabbed his chest, gasping eyes wide. "Can't breathe!" He collapsed on the seat.

Carrie panicked, unable to understand what was happening. "I think he's having a heart attack!"

"Heart attack!" DeWitt shouted back.

"I-I don't know. Danny! What's going on!" she pleaded.

He did not reply, just lay across her lap gasping in apparent open distress, hands against his chest.

"Do something!" Carrie begged DeWitt.

DeWitt floored the gas and aimed at the approaching exit, amazed at his apparent good luck. This is too good to be true! I have the evidence and Williams expires from natural causes! I can get Zito to take out McGarrett, then see to it he takes the fall. Donagon will be harmless. The only loose piece is that kid and kids can be convinced of anything. I just deliver Williams to Queens and pray he doesn't make it. He picked up his radio. "DeWitt to central."

"Central," the female voice responded.

"Notify Queens I am on my way with a medical emergency in my vehicle. Apparent heart attack."


Kono had nothing more to lose. Edwards had apologetically informed him that his tech had given copies of the bullet analysis and blood findings to Loui. Kono knew that if Zito and DeWitt knew he'd discovered at least part of the truth about Steve's ranch, his life was worthless. He left the lab, glancing around. The corridor was empty. He walked down the cool, semi-lit hallway, through the double doors and stopped. Heat waves shimmered off the roofs of the cars in the parking lot, but there were no people out there. Almost too empty. He crossed the lot to his car, unlocked it and headed for Ala Moana Boulevard, keeping one eye in his rear view mirror. What will I say? I don't have absolute proof. But I cannot go any farther alone. If I don't act, it just a matter of time before someone recognizes Gary or Lonnie. I don't know what has happened to Danny. This is their only hope. He parallel parked the car on the street in the closest spot he could find, half a block from the entrance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There was a large bronze seal of the FBI stenciled on the glass doors of the one story tan brick building. Kono started for the door.


He froze, fear gripping him. The doorway was so close. Maybe I should run for it.

"Hey, Kono!" Loui called again. "I've been tryin' to hail you for hours. Your radio off?"

He turned towards his fellow officer, nervous and uncomfortable. "I don't know. I, um, was out of the car a lot."

Loui could tell that Kono was frightened. He took a step closer. "Edwards gave me some information you wanted on some evidence in McGarrett's shooting. You know, the results of those carpet fibers and the ballistics report."

Kono stood still, watching him, trying to decide if he should pull a gun on a fellow officer or not.

Loui extended a hand with several sheets of paper that rustled in the wind.

Kono's eyes narrowed.

Loui hesitated. "I've got copies here. You, um, on your way in there?" He pointed towards the FBI office.

He nodded, but made no movement towards Loui.

"Me, too. I gave the originals to DeWitt - his reaction was a bit odd. Got me to thinking." Loui walked closer. "Come on, we'd better not stand around out here."

Kono and Loui both turned towards the door.

Mark Lawson looked up as his male secretary rapped on the semi-open door. "Officers Ahuna and Kalakaua of Five-0 to see you."

He closed the file on his desk and rose to greet them with a handshake. "Good to see you again, Kono. It's been a while."

"Yeah," he replied. Funny, he always thought of Lawson as the young field officer that had handled a bank robbery eight years ago. It was a shock to see the strong mature man that was senior agent for Honolulu. Even Lawson's handshake was firm and committed, that of a man of discipline. Our lives are in Lawson's hands. I sure hope this is the right thing to be doing. He exchanged a glance with Loui.

"What can I do for you?" Lawson's deep blue eyes were penetrating.

"We, hum, need some help with a case," Kono muttered. He felt like a child in the principal's office.

A slight frown blew across Lawson's face. "Does Jackson DeWitt know you are here?"

They both shook their heads.

Lawson crossed his arms. "Eight years ago when I arrived I was advised to stay out of Five-0's way. McGarrett always ran a tight ship and we had a deep respect for each other. Last night was tragic, just tragic."

Kono bit the inside of his lip, reliving the night of horror and the overwhelming fear of trying to keep Steve alive in spite of the odds. "Yes, sir," he finally whispered.

"Is that what this is about?"

"In a way," Kono said. "There are problems in the department. I wish I had what I needed to prove it, but we do have enough to prove that Williams did not shoot McGarrett."

Lawson sat down behind his desk. "What do you think is wrong in your department?"

Kono licked his lips. "Somebody is dirty, maybe on the take."

"The take?" Mark raised his eyebrows.

Kono could feel sweat collecting under his collar. "Look, I can't prove none of it."

Lawson scowled, placing his hands on the closed folder before him on the desk. "What if I could?"

Kono's expression twisted in suspicion. "What?"

"I received some information by certified airmail today." He picked up the cover letter. "Lana Taylor a private investigator out of Minneapolis mailed me a copy of research she had been conducting for Officer Richard Quinn - the late Richard Quinn. The agreement was she would mail a backup copy to my office if she did not hear from him by yesterday morning."

Kono thought he might faint, but wasn't sure if it was relief or fear. He dared to cast a look towards Loui who said glued to his chair in shock.

"From what I have seen here it isn't too hard to imagine Reggie Zito willing to kill someone over this," Lawson admitted. "Can you tell me where Zito is now?"

"Queens Medical Center," Loui offered.

Lawson frowned. "He hurt?"

Loui shook his head negative.

"Why is he there?"

Loui shrugged.

Kono and Mark exchanged looks. "McGarrett is alive," Kono suddenly said.

Lawson was already grabbing his shoulder harness and suit jacket from the back of his chair. "And DeWitt?"

"His office?" Loui guessed.

Kono dialed the Five-0 office and asked Ginny. Hanging up he turned to the others. "She says he's on route to Queens and he has Williams with him. Some kind of medical emergency."

"Gentlemen, let's roll," Lawson declared.

As Jackson's car spun into the hospital entrance, Danny went totally limp across Carrie's lap. Carrie was yelling Danny's name, yelling at DeWitt to hurry, yelling for someone to help.

"Calm down!" DeWitt shouted back at her. "We're here!"

Even as he spoke the words, the doors to ER slid open and three people with a stretcher ran out. They flung the car door open and had Danny onto the gurney and inside before Carrie could even comprehend what was happening. She jumped from the car at a dead run to catch up but was intercepted by a nurse at the desk.

"Stay right here, honey," the older woman announced.

"But you don't understand-" Carrie stammered. "Please, I need to know…" she pleaded as the stretcher disappeared around the corner.

"I do understand," the nurse replied. "There isn't anything more you can do at this point. The guys back there will give him the best."

Carrie nearly stumbled over towards the couches of the waiting area. What is going on? What is happening to Danny? It is his heart? I never took a pulse, I never tried CPR, I just flipped out. I couldn't think! I'm supposed to always be in control, but when it counted, I didn't do anything. He may die because of me!

Two nurses and two doctors raced the gurney into the triage room, flinging the curtains back in their haste. One slammed the brake down while one doctor yanked the intubation kit and laryngoscope from the crash cart. One nurse with sharp scissors slit Danny's shirt up the front in one motion while slapping electrodes to his chest.

"Get a tracing! Let's see what's happening!" the senior resident shouted pulling on his gloves.

The defibrillator gave a hum as it was brought it up to power.

"Hold it!" Danny suddenly shouted, coming completely alert from his seeming unconsciousness.

All four stopped as if frozen, staring at him in total silence. The pair of scissors slipped from the nurse's hand and clattered to the floor.

"Um," Danny murmured a little more self-consciously, "I'm okay."

"What is this?" The resident demanded anger plain, "some kind of practical joke?"

"I assure you - no joke." Danny heaved a sigh.

End Part 9

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